Windows Terminal Skills


This course will acquaint learners with the new Windows Terminal Application. Learners will be provided with an overview of the application and its functionality. Learners will explore how to install, configure, and customize the Windows Terminal Application to suit their needs through various settings and actions.
Windows Terminal Skills Overview
Windows Terminal is a new application. In this episode, we will provide a course overview, introduce learners to the course, and provide course expectations.
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You're watching IT Pro TV. [MUSIC] Hey everybody welcome to Windows Terminal. I'm Mike Rodrick entertainer here at IT Pro TV. And I've been working with Windows Terminal. Well, since it's released since its better day, so quite some time. And man, has it gone through some changes. It's a pretty slick product at this point. Super excited about this course. This course is gonna teach you about Windows Terminal. And how we can use it to work with multiple shelves, right? Windows has come a long way. It's not just the command prompt anymore. We've got the command prompt, we've got PowerShell, potentially multiple versions of PowerShell. What else you have, your Windows subsystem for Lennox, your Ashes CLI and a lot of shells now and Windows Terminal is gonna help us work with all of those. The cool thing about this course there's really no prerequisite knowledge. We are gonna start from the beginning, I'll walk you through getting Windows Terminal installed and we'll go from there. All right, of course, is laid out basically in a three pronged attack. That first section. The introduction, we're gonna talk about what Windows Terminal is exactly as many people get confused with that. I think maybe it's a shell and we'll talk about that. And we'll take a look at again how we're gonna get it downloaded and installed in Windows or whether or not it's included. We'll take a look at that. And then our second section is gonna be our basic settings. So these are gonna be settings that I want to configure just about every time. Just to get started and get working with Windows Terminal and make it comfortable for you to use. And then that third domain or that third section is where we'll get into some of our more advanced settings. Settings that you might not need but they're really cool, we can work with multiple panes. We can do our own custom key bindings, a lot of really cool stuff. Windows Terminal is a very very powerful application. So I'm really excited about this course, because Windows Terminal is the new default terminal for the Windows application, right? That's what's gonna be shipped with Windows coming up. I know I'm giving away my secrets here but it is gonna be the new default terminal for Windows, you can make it your default now. It brings all of these shells together in one place and so it really allows me to take advantage of all the new things we can do in Windows. And I like the way we've laid this course out being structured for different skill sets. So if you need to start from the beginning, great. If you're ready to get into the more advanced settings you've been working with Windows Terminal for a while. Skip those first sections and jump right into the advanced settings or go back and do some of those basic settings. So it's up to you. I hope everybody out there is ready for Windows Terminal. Let's get started. Thank you for watching IT Pro TV. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  • Overview
  • Introduction
  • Basic Settings
  • Profiles
  • Advanced Configuration
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