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Access to video on-demand course library
Hands-on virtual Skill Labs
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Identify and assess skills gaps within your team with Insights
Manage, track and report on team with ProPortal
Download course video and audio (annual membership only)
Access via iOS app, Android app, Apple TV and Roku
Access to interactive Q&A forum
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Frequently asked questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Both have access to the same ITPro training courses, but the Business accounts include the ProPortal for team management. It allows you to manage your seats, create teams within your membership, assign seats to team members, and access monthly usage reports. You can also see metrics like logins, viewing time, courses viewed, tracks completed, and more for all of the seats in your business.

You can, but you'll be missing out on several benefits. First you won't have the ProPortal for team management. You'll have zero visibility into the team's progress and metrics, so there is less accountability for your training investment. If someone with a personal account leaves your team, that account goes with them. With a Business account, you can allocate that seat to another team member. If you need additional seats, you can add them on with a Business account at the same rate and they can be co-termed. Also, be mindful that sharing or transferring of personal licenses will breach the ACI Learning EULA.

You'll have a screen share call with an ACI Learning Learning Consultant. You'll discuss your learning goals and see if an ITPro membership will be a fit for your organization. You'll get a customized tour of the platform, including the ProPortal for team management. It takes under an hour.

While a demo that is customized to your learning goals is ideal, this recorded demo can be a great alternative. View Recorded Demo

A team trial allows you to access the ProPortal, assign seats to team members and have them experience the platform as well. All training courses are available to view during the trial (except courses that require an exam voucher before viewing.) It's typically 7 days. You will need to speak with a Learning Consultant to set up a trial.

For business accounts, you can choose a 1, 2 or 3 year term. Monthly terms are not available for business accounts. You can check out online for up to 15 seats for a 1 year term. For extended terms and more than 15 seats, you'll need to speak with a Learning Consultant. If you need additional seats after your initial purchase, this can be completed by selecting "Manage Subscription" in the ProPortal and completing the purchase through our commerce store.

Monthly terms are offered for Personal plans as part of ACI Learning's commitment to helping people get their IT career started. The monthly option makes for an affordable way for someone to see if a career in IT is right for them. Businesses and IT professionals know that lifelong learning is part of the IT job. An IT pro's skill set has a short shelf life; you'll always need to be adding to it. So committing to a one year or multi-year term is not a concern for a business that is truly supportive of its IT team.

Discount codes are offered for Personal plans as part of ACI Learning's commitment to helping people get their IT career started. Discounts are available through events and publications that encourage people to consider a career in IT to help meet the global shortage of IT professionals. For Business accounts, you may be eligible for a discount depending on the number of seats and the term you select. You can learn more by talking to a Learning Consultant.