Social Networking & LinkedIn: Starting a Career in IT Part 2

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We’re back with Part 2 of our ongoing ACI Learning Tech Academy Career Services series. We know how intimidating it can be to enter the world of IT. Giving you the support and tools you need to make bold career changes in your life is our mission. Together – we’ve got this.

To review Part 1, read Our Expert's Guide to Starting a Career in IT.

In Part 2 of this series, we'll discuss how to maximize social media presence for a job search.

For Part 3, we are sharing what you need to know once you get the interview and beyond.

Career Services at ACI Learning Tech Academy

At ACI Learning Hubs, our help doesn’t end when you finish your classes. Our team of Employment Development Managers guide you through every step of the job hunt by connecting you with employers and helping you create a resume, cover letter, and online presence to outshine your competition. They know the industry. They know the big employers. They also know exactly what those employers are looking for and how to get hired. Our EDMs help learners optimize their LinkedIn profiles into an important asset that gets attention from recruiters, level-up job-hunting skills to maximize efficiency, and increase the employer response rate. They also help perfect resumes and cover letters with the details that will lead to interviews, and then practice interview techniques.

Meet Karla Urbina

In this career development series, Karla Urbina, our own Career Services Manager, is answering commonly asked questions for those looking to start or develop a career in IT, cybersecurity, or project management.

Karla Urbina

How can I turn a great resume into a great social profile?

Karla: Remember that there is limited space on a resume with limited time for review by potential employers. Social profiles don’t have these limitations. You are able to include additional documentation, skills, awards, endorsements, recommendations and showcase your attributes with less restrictions and most importantly grow your network.

Which social media platforms are the best for career networking?

Karla: While there are several social media platforms that promote job searching and job tips, the #1 social media channel is still LinkedIn.

What do I need to know about getting my LinkedIn profile updated for a job search?

Karla: When setting up your LinkedIn, you first need to decide what industry or role you are targeting for employment. Make sure you have a professional profile picture and background related to the industry you are targeting.

Your headline is one of the most critical parts of your profile outside of your picture. It is the first thing people see when they find you in searches or land on your page. Think of this headline as your “mini brand,” so make it impactful. Use it to highlight your skills and certifications, and make sure it is attention grabbing. Look on other profiles to get ideas, then make it your own.

Make sure that when you are entering your experience and skills you are highlighting the keywords that are relevant to your desired role and contribute to your targeted company’s objectives while showcasing all of your expertise. Tailor all skills to your targeted role.

To build and grow your network, join groups and follow industry trends. Set up your job searches and turn on your notifications and make sure you have a completed profile when you are ready to start your search.

Can you summarize the most important aspects of starting a career search on LinkedIn?

Karla: When searching on LinkedIn you want to first identify the job title or company you are targeting, then search for and connect with associated groups. Next, you want to follow the company and familiarize yourself with their recent updates or current events. Make sure to connect with relevant recruiters, managers and mentors in the field or in the same role. Don’t stop there – message employees with the same title and ask them about their experiences and eventually find the decision makers for your desired role.

How can I ensure that my social profiles look appropriate if a potential employer does a background check?

Karla: If you have a public profile on any social media platform, remember that these are accessible to all. Always maintain a professional profile (prospective employers will search platforms) or hide any personal content on the primarily nonprofessional social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and so on.

What are some of the top career boards where I might look for new roles?

Karla: There are several, here are my top 6:

  • LinkedIn
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Hire Tech Ladies
  • GitHub

While training, what else can I do to prepare for a job search?

Karla: The average applicant applies to 27 companies before securing an interview. Start your job search as soon as you’re able! The application process and timeline vary depending on the company, role, and requirements. While you are still training and close to completing the program, make sure you are comfortable with your newly learned skills. Be prepared, obtain your certifications and don’t wait!

What do I do if a recruiter contacts me for a role I am not interested in?

Karla: Politely decline and see if there are other opportunities available closer to your desired role. Ask them to keep you in mind for other opportunities. Always make sure you leave an open door in case they are someone you run across later while progressing in your career.

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