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This month, learners in our certified ethical hacker career path can look forward to an updated offering from the ACI Learning Hubs and from ITPro. Certified Ethical Hacker version 12 (CEHv12) provides updated content for a trusted source for ethical hacking certification. In this blog, we’ll give you a quick look at what the course offers, as well as what you can expect in the latest version.

What is Certified Ethical Hacking and why is the qualification in growing demand?

Certified Ethical Hacking is a profession growing in demand due to the rapid proliferation of cybercrime: It is a professional designation for certified personnel qualified to penetrate a company’s computer systems (by their permission) in an attempt at determining whether there are any vulnerabilities, and to address all preventive and corrective measures needed to protect the system against any real attacks that may happen in the future.

The certification is popular because it is a good way to command a higher salary. With an average CEH beginner salary around $41,000 and going as high as $155,000 with experience, getting your CEH can help you qualify for higher-paying positions when you're ready to change jobs.

Our Edutainer Daniel Lowrie recently helped us celebrate and discover all things certified ethical hacker, so you can take a deeper dive into the career path.

What’s new in CEHv12?

CEHv12 is the latest ethical hacking course designed to equip cybersecurity professionals seeking to improve their skills with the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to uncover weaknesses in any type of target system and provide solutions for hardening them before cybercriminals exploit the weaknesses.

Because the threats posed by cybercriminals are constantly evolving, this course includes updates to the curriculum that cover the newest threats, countermeasures, and tools used in today’s ethical hacking environment. ACI Learning will release courses in ITPro and available in the ACI Learning Hubs, which will focus on three of EC Council’s certified ethical hacking tools: Learn, Engage, and Certify.

Edutainer Daniel Lowrie teaches the ITPro course, and showed the CEH courseware book that was about two bricks thick as he explained the quality of training when it comes to certified ethical hacking is critical. Because CEH has DOD 8570 approval, it is a well-known certification by HR employees and is often a good way to get an interview, he said.

“(CEH) is a very entry level certification to the business,” Lowrie explained. “It’s not an entry-level IT certification but it is entry level in terms of being an offensive type of security certification. All this means that completing CEH and taking an exam for a certification can get you an interview but it’s up to you to prove those skills.”

Lowrie explained that today, many companies give applicants a practical exam as part of the application process. Inexperienced applicants who have taken a course will have knowledge, but if they did not practice or apply skills required in certified ethical hacker roles, they might have difficulty.

He said that is why taking CEH training via ITPro (which he teaches) or via the ACI Learning Hubs, can give applicants an edge in the field. Lowrie said that he takes the time to recommend and show learners how to test and demonstrate their skills, and ACI Learning Hubs instructors do the same. He said the ACI Learning version of the course is more than 40 hours, which also is necessary given the volume of content in CEH.

This latest version - CEH v 12 – puts more focus and goes into greater depth on:

  • Windows and Windows Active Directory
  • IOT and cloud technologies
  • Containerization
  • Mobile
  • Wireless, blue tooth and Wi-Fi attacks
  • Evasion

Courses such as these – and the ever-updated versions – help to reinforce the profession of ethical hacking as self-regulating and legitimate.

“You cannot beat the quality and delivery of our training,” Lowrie said. “We get to take our time to show it in a way that it needs to be shown. That’s the value. You’re pairing the experience of getting the detail from an instructor, getting an open dialogue, and gaining the confidence you need to do the job.”

Practice Labs puts learning to the test

ACI Learning's Practice Labs provide 60 updated, hands-on labs with over 40 hours of practical experience with the tools and environments used in the five phases of ethical hacking: reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering tracks. In our Practice Labs, learners can put their new knowledge to the test in simulations that have been updated and aligned with objectives of the latest version of CEH.

Our signature offering of world-class instruction on EC-Council curriculum and exam preparation using CyberQ, alongside ACI Learning’s Practice Labs, provides students with a multi-modal training experience that has proven successful.

Train with ACI Learning Hubs

Our Learning Hubs allow students to learn from a live instructor with years of industry experience. Not only do you get traditional instruction, plus hands-on labs, to prepare you for your IT certification exams, but the cost of one certification attempt per class is included. When your training is complete, access the ACI Learning Career Services team to find the job you want. Fill out the form to request more information on our training.

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