From Weakest Link to Strongest Defense: Smart cybersecurity training can transform workers into a powerful advantage.

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What? Human error contributes to an estimated 95% of all cyberattacks like phishing and data theft.1 No wonder people are named a top risk (again!) by Verizon’s respected global security report.2

Take heart. Smart training helps enterprises manage this perennial problem. “Edutainment” and other modern approaches can transform workers into a powerful protector of precious data, money and reputation. ACI Learning’s new analyst report gives you new ways to view and transform the challenge. It’s packed with the latest industry research and insights.

You’ll learn:

  • The staggering (and fast-growing) costs of human error
  • Typical reactions that just make things worse
  • Two powerful “Jiu-Jitsus” that change vulnerability into opportunity
  • The benefits of effective awareness and certification training for workers and employers
  • What to look for in smart, modern upskilling programs
  • And more!

Go from victim to victorious.

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