ACI Leadership Series: AI and the Hiring Process Webinar Notes

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AI and the Hiring Process Webinar Notes

Hosted by Sophie Goodwin, ACI Learning edutainer. Guest and subject matter expert, Jax Scott, founder of Outpost Gray


The purpose of this guide is to serve as a complementary aide to help you follow along in our recent Leadership Series webinar episode, “AI and the Hiring Process.” In this webinar, our friend and founder of Outpost Gray, Jax Scott, discusses how leaders can and should embrace AI in the hiring process. During her discussion with ACI Learning Edutainer Sophie Goodwin, Jax Scott says that the common thought about AI in hiring is that it primarily combs resumes for keywords, but this is no longer the case. Have these notes ready, then watch our full interview.

Benefits of Integrating AI in Hiring:

  • HR has diverse responsibilities in an organization, including payroll, culture, training, compliance, recruitment, and termination.
  • AI can be a significant asset in the hiring process by easily identifying and targeting entry-level skills required for a position.
  • Traditional manual resume review has been sped up by 75 to 100 percent through AI.

Drawbacks of AI in Hiring:

  • Weakly customized resumes may not contain the right keywords and could be rejected by AI.
  • Experienced candidates may get rejected if their resumes aren't updated to align with AI scanning criteria.


  • Educate individuals on updating resumes with relevant keywords for each position.
  • Use AI to match job listings and resumes, updating the resume to fit the job role.
  • Encourage end-users to leverage technology effectively to their advantage.

Addressing Bias in Hiring:

  • Biases can exist in human hirers, which AI can help mitigate.

  • Develop AI technology to reduce biases by auditing rejected candidates for any bias patterns, such as age or gender.

  • Work collaboratively to reduce or eliminate biases in AI-driven hiring processes.

  • It's not just the tool (AI) but also how it is used that matters.

Advice on AI education:

  • Getting educated in AI and understanding its capabilities can be advantageous, especially in roles like cybersecurity.
  • In this webinar, you’ll hear about using AI in cyber threat hunting and how to explore free resources and add AI skills to resumes.

Things that AI cannot – and should not – replace in the hiring process:

  • Jax recommends using AI for initial screening but stresses the importance of not replacing the human aspect entirely.
  • Caution against using chatbots for initial interviews or test screenings instead of recruiters.
  • Highlight the significance of human connections in understanding candidates and their fit within an organization.
  • Emphasizes the need for intentionality in maintaining human engagement throughout the hiring process.


  • AI is a valuable tool in the hiring process, but it must be used judiciously to support the human touch rather than replace it.
  • The future involves collaboration and ongoing efforts to reduce biases and ensure that AI benefits all stakeholders in the hiring process.
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