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ACI Learning, a leading provider of career training in audit, cybersecurity, and IT, is proud to announce that its Learning Hubs are now called ACI Learning Tech Academy. This change brings a fresh name and a vibrant identity to our mission of empowering individuals with top-notch IT and cybersecurity training. Our transition to Tech Academy is not just a name change; it's a step forward to make our presence even more prominent in the marketplace, helping those seeking the exact kind of training we excel at.

Our commitment to providing top-tier, instructor-led training for the most sought-after IT and cybersecurity certifications remains unwavering. Moreover, our comprehensive career services support continues to be a cornerstone of our offering, helping you chart a successful career path.

Please take note of our new domain: Update your bookmarks and make it your go-to destination for all your training needs. 

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The re-naming of the ACI Learning Hubs to the "ACI Learning Tech Academy” reflects the strong position of the cybersecurity and IT training provider in the industry and offers better clarity about what the offering includes.

About ACI Learning Tech Academy

ACI Learning Tech Academy offers training for those interested in information technology, cybersecurity, networking, and IT support. For those with little to no IT experience, they offer a Computer User Support Specialist program that gives students a strong foundation in IT skills. This program includes training for certifications that are in high demand with tech employers, including CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. The training is supported with a suite of online resources that students can use to review material and increase skills before taking a certification exam, an assigned Instructor Mentor for 1-on-1 to help support training as needed, and a Career Services team that prepares learners for entry or advancement into meaningful employment opportunities and connects learners to our employer partner network.

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