ACI Voices: What are the hot Learning & Development (L&D) trends advancing so far this year?

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What are the hot Learning & Development (L&D) trends advancing so far this year?

Sound familiar? For the past year, I’ve been spotlighting these and other key areas here and in industry columns and reports for you and other leaders in IT, Security, Auditing, HR and L&D. So it’s great to see these important topics make many listsof top issues for 2024 and continue to drive discussion halfway through the year. Check out the links above for lots of useful reality checks and tips.  

In the coming months, ACI Learning will continue our mission of helping enterprises, government, higher education, training firms and learners succeed in the fast-changing training and development landscape. We’ll dig into noteworthy movements impacting roles, career paths and development, including gamification, learning analytics, adaptive assessments, learning management systems and much more. And of course, I’ll continue examining the impact of AI on employers and employees.

We’re walking the talk.

You saw evidence of it with our recent launch of myACI. And throughout 2024, our company will introduce exciting new enhancements designed to meet modern L&D demands. Guided by careful analysis of workplace evolution and your needs, we’re developing a next-generation SaaS learning platform. It will bring youorganizational and individual knowledge assessment, analytics, and training delivery with integrated AI and more. Our new offerings are designed to elevate your learning and career development efforts to world-class for today and tomorrow. We’re super psyched and think you will be too.

Stay tuned!

ACI Voices is an occasional series where our leaders share what’s on their minds.

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