Show and Tell with Sophie Goodwin

Show and Tell
Low fidelity screenshot of application screens with Sophie Goodwin

Here at ACI Learning, we think adults should still get to do Show and Tell. What was better in elementary school than seeing what your friends were into? In our grown-up version, our friends and subject matter experts take turns sharing a few of their recent favorite finds. This week — we must warn you — our good friend and star edutainer Sophie Goodwin shares what she’s, well — finding interesting — right now. Disclaimer: Sophie is a well-rounded, fun person who likes to shed light on the dark side every now and then:


The Kingdom of the Cults by Dr. Walter Martin (nonfiction study about different ideological cults).


The distinction between phishing emails and spam


Undercover Underage: Follows child advocate Roo Powell and her team at nonprofit organization SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse), as they work with law enforcement to help stop and identify the menacing adults who use the internet to harm children.

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