Show and Tell with Tim Medin

Show and Tell
Low fidelity screenshot of application screens with Tim Medin

Here at ACI Learning, we think adults should still get to do Show and Tell. What was better in elementary school than seeing what your friends were into? In our grown-up version, our friends and subject matter experts will take turns sharing a few of their recent favorite finds. This week, our good friend Tim Medin, CEO of Red Seige, is taking his turn to tell us about what he’s loving right now:


Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman — How your mind can deceive you when thinking through options/solutions and how to not get stuck in a trap.


Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss — This book is all over the place. Some great useful information and some chunks that aren’t relevant (to me). Each brief chapter is written by a different author giving their insight on a topic.


AV Bypass tricks — Often the dumbest tricks get you past AV, reducing entropy (, expand the executable so AV doesn’t scan it (, and encoding shellcode as dictionary words (

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