Bold Futures: Women in Audit, Cybersecurity and IT

Polaroid pictures of Jax Scott, Naomi Buckwalter, Confidence Staveley, Linh Truong and Deidre Melton

ACI Learning is proud to introduce you to bold leaders shaping the future in audit, cybersecurity and IT. These women are trailblazing a path for other females in sectors that are commonly dominated by men.

What makes each of our featured leaders so extraordinary? They are courageous, smart, bold, funny and have been recognized in their sectors – and throughout the world – as innovators, door-openers, and glass ceiling breakers.

Meet Naomi Buckwalter

Her career in cybersecurity has made Naomi Buckwalter an advocate and influencer for anyone wanting to progress through a similar career path. "I think cybersecurity is not as difficult as we try to make it out to be, but there are basic things that we can be doing better."

Meet Linh Truong

A Chief Audit Executive, Linh Truong knows firsthand that finding an environment where you can grow professionally is key to success. Luckily for all of us, she's willing to share everything she's learned the hard way, in the hopes that we can end up a star in our fields just like her.

Meet Robin Abernathy

What does ACI Learning edutainer Robin Abernathy love about IT? "IT is never stagnant, and if you stay stagnant, the industry is going to leave you. Find what wakes you up and makes you happy." Her tip on a bonus of the biz for women? "When you go to an IT conference, ladies there is never a line for the restroom."

Meet Confidence Staveley

Confidence Staveley is Africa's most celebrated female cybersecurity leader, talent developer, global speaker, blockchain security professional, and inclusion advocate. She is the founder and executive director of CyberSafe Foundation, a leading non-governmental organization dedicated to improving inclusive and safe digital access in Africa.

Meet Jax Scott

A combat veteran and founder of Outpost Gray, Jax Scott talks about her struggles transitioning to civilian life, and how cybersecurity ultimately laid the path forward to where she is today." I started my journey in the military, women weren't allowed in combat at this time, and I was really trying to find myself,” she said. Learn how she turned her trials into opportunities for other women, including through legislation soon to pass…

Meet Sophia Goodwin

ACI Learning Edutainer Sophia Goodwin took the path less traveled to join our team here, and we're definitely better off for it. Spoiler alert: It involves a fake – but well done – British accent.

Meet Deidre Melton

In her role as Associate VP for Audit and Chief Risk Officer at FAMU, Deidre Melton knows that confidence is key to success in any role. Our audit training at ACI Learning does more than provide you with CPE: It connects you to a network of professionals in the field and is confidence-boosting.

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