Anthony Sequeira

Anthony Sequeira

Anthony Sequeira, CCIE No. 15626, is a seasoned trainer and author with expertise in various facets of modern technology, including cloud and cybersecurity. He embarked on his information technology career in 1994 with IBM in Tampa, Florida. Shortly after, he founded his own computer consultancy, Computer Solutions, before discovering his true passion—teaching and writing about Information Technology. Anthony's journey led him to join Mastering Computers in 1996, where he delivered lectures to massive audiences worldwide, sharing the latest advancements in computer technologies. Subsequently, Mastering Computers transformed into the revolutionary online training company, KnowledgeNet, where Anthony continued his training endeavors for several years. Presently, he serves as a full-time Edutainer at ACI Learning, providing training to students across the globe, while also authoring textbooks on various modern technologies.
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From Zero to Hero: Protecting Your Business with Cybersecurity Training
Join ACI Learning Edutainer Anthony Sequeira and co-host Sophia Goodwin as they deliver the latest information on cybersecurity best practices for your organization. In this webinar, Anthony and Sophia will share their extensive knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights on protecting your organization from ever-evolving cyber threats.
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